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Model Program

Successful Collaboration - East Range Regional Partnership Board - East Range Region

Nine high schools and three colleges in the East Range Region have effectively established a formal partnership by forming a 501C3 organization.  Partners work together to build and strengthen academic/liberal arts & sciences and career and technical education programs.  Grants, donations, and other dollars are shared and distributed to all partners--and not necessarily tied to one specific school district or college.

Postsecondary Partners:

3 college in Northeast Higher Education District - Mesabi Range, Rainy River, and Vermillion Colleges

High School Partners:

9 school districts in surrounding communities

Student Eligibility:

Members of the East Range School-to-Work and Tech Prep Partnership Board

Type of Program:

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Grade Level(s) Served:

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, college

Postsecondary Contact:

Dave Dailey, Mesabi Range Community College | (218) 742-3930

High School Contact:

Shannon Malovrh, Virginia Public Schools | (218) 742-3930

Program Components:

Collaborative Partnership

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