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Model Program

VANTAGE (Minnetonka Advanced Professional Studies) - Minnetonka

VANTAGE is an innovation project of the Minnetonka Public Schools. In this innovative new program, students will work on a project team, on location, solving real-world problems and learning about the challenges of project-driven work. Under the direction of a licensed teacher and in partnership with business professionals, these project teams will strive to make a contribution to a partner-defined project while gaining invaluable experience in today's marketplace.

Working with local partners, Minnetonka teachers are transforming the high school experience. With a foundation of concepts taught in AP Economics and IB Business, this project-based curriculum addresses typical employment gaps within the existing corporate environment, developing business leaders for the future. This curriculum will help introduce highly motivated high school students to an area of potential future employment by creating a hands-on experience. Our partners benefit from the relationships they form with these young people, both in the infusion of creativity and enthusiasm into the current project, as well as in the area of future employment opportunities.

In the VANTAGE experience, students spend half of their school day on location in their selected area of focus. Students make a commitment for the year. In groups of 20-25 and under the direction of a licensed teacher, students study the unique needs of the corporate partner and engage with mentors and project managers as they learn about project-driven work environments. Students are expected to meet the standards for professional conduct while on location and benefit from the daily interactions with employees that support the partnership. In addition to the partner-directed work of the project teams, students gain a deep understanding of the partner's corporate mission and learn about the future of their chosen field.

Participating High Schools:

Minnetonka Public Schools

Student Eligibilitiy:

Students must be in either 11th or 12th grade seeking to go on to college.

Faculty Credentialing and/or Teacher Licensure Requirements which support this program:

Licensed high school teachers

Type of Program:

•  Career & Technical Education (CTE)
•  Developmental/College Readiness

Grade Level(s) Served:


For more information, visit the VANTAGE program website.

High School Contacts:

Chris Pears | 651 307 9075
Brent Veninga | 952 210 6355

Program Components:

•  Postsecondary credits can be earned through this program
•  Work Based Learning
•  Internships
•  Classes taught by high school teachers
•  Instruction takes place at a business location

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