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Model Program

CTECH & STEM Village - Rochester

A place where secondary students can explore and pursue education for careers in technical fields and experience a college setting. A framework for collaboration among learners, educators, employers and others.

Postsecondary Partner:

Rochester Community and Technical College

High School Partners:

Rochester Public Schools

Student Eligibility:

Rochester public school student or open enrollment from another district.

Faculty Credentialing and/or Teacher Licensure Requirements which support this program:

CTE Teachers

Type of Program:

•  Career & Technical Education (CTE)
•  Concurrent Enrollment
•  Developmental/College Readiness

Grade Level(s) Served:

10th, 11th, 12th

Postsecondary Contacts:

Jim Gross | 507-285-7256  
Michelle Pyfferoen | 507-285-7425

High School Contacts:

 Gary Kressin | 507-328-4323
Jayne Gibson | 507-328-4301

Program Components:

•  Summer program
•  Postsecondary credits can be earned through this program
•  Work Based Learning
•  Apprenticeships
•  Internships
•  Classes taught by high school teachers
•  Classes taught by college personnel
•  Instruction takes place in the high school
•  Instruction takes place at the college

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  • Minnesota Department of Education