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Model Program

Gateway to College (National Model)

Students enroll in a program that is based on a college campus. The students typically enroll at the start of each new semester. Students receive personalized support from an academic coach or "resource specialist" who has a small caseload (1/65) while taking classes which earn both high school and college credit.  Students' first semester (or two) is spent in a foundation experience, typically enrolled in multiple classes with a learning community or cohort of similar students. These classes tend to be focused on academic remediation and development of effective habits (time management, homework completion, communication). Often, the first and second semester in the program features classes that are "developmental" or pre-college and only earn high school credits. As students complete  the foundation experience and gain independence, they matriculate to regular classes on the college campus while continuing to be supported by their resource specialist. They continue in the program until they have earned sufficient credits to complete their high school diploma. At the point of graduation, students will have earned an average of 30 college credits.

Gateway to College has programs operating at 43 colleges in 23 states. Learn more about Minnesota's Gateway to College Program at Hennepin Technical College.

Student Eligibility:

Students in Gateway to College programs are otherwise unlikely to complete high school. They are typically previously dropped out or they have been identified by their sending high school as unlikely to graduate. Nationally, at enrollment, students have an average GPA of 1.4, they are 17.2 years old and have approximately 40% of the credits needed for a diploma. Many Gateway programs require students to read at an 8th grade level in order to enroll. Typical enrollment processes feature a formal application that includes an essay, an interview, and an academic assessment in order to verify that the student understands what is required of them in a college-based program.

Faculty Credentialing and/or Teacher Licensure Requirements which support this program:

Instructors in the Gateway program are frequently regular college faculty, with the requisite credentials to teach college courses. In cases where students require remediation (via developmental courses or high school courses) some programs also employ instructors with high school credentials.

Type of Program:

•  Career & Technical Education (CTE)
•  Concurrent Enrollment
•  Developmental/College Readiness

Grade Level(s) Served:

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

For more information, visit the Gateway to College website or the Gateway to College Facebook page.


Nick Mathern, Gateway to College National Network | 971-634-1208

Program Components:

•  Summer program
•  Postsecondary credits can be earned through this program
•  Work Based Learning; Classes taught by high school teachers
•  Classes taught by college personnel
•  Instruction takes place at the college

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