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Model Program

Ready or Not Writing - Statewide

Ready or Not Writing is a web based program that allows high school students to submit writing assignments to the Ready or Not Writing website.  These writing assignments are evaluated for college readiness by college English faculty using a bridge rubric that is built around the Common Core standards.  The college faculty provide a personalized feedback letter along with the rubric to give students specific, directed feedback on their college readiness.  Teachers can view all feedback provided to their students.

Postsecondary Partners:

Central Lakes College, Northland College, Century College, Rochester Community College, Inver Hills Community College

High School Partners:

Over 40 high schools across Minnesota and 10 high schools in Ohio.

Student Eligibility:

In Minnesota - any public high school student and teacher is eligible to participate. Currently all programming is grant funded and is free to public Minnesota high schools. The program can be used with 9th through 12th grade students.

Faculty Credentialing and/or Teacher Licensure Requirements which support this program:

For Concurrent Enrollment, we will follow state statute and MnSCU policy for college faculty that mentor high school faculty members in the delivery of the course(s).

Type of Program:

•  Developmental/College Readiness

Grade Level(s) Served:


For more information, visit the Center for College Readiness website.

ready or not writing
Postsecondary Contacts:

Paul Drange | (218) 347-6213
Megan Adamczyk | (218) 347-6215

Program Components:

•  Online Program
•  Instruction takes place in the high school
•  Instruction takes place at the college
•  Creates direct feedback between college faculty, high school teachers and high school students

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