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Model Program

ALI Technical Math - Grand Rapids Area

Applied Math course covers topics to prepare students for successful completion of career technical programs intended for employment. Four Itasca Community College credits in a technical program will be earned provided that a C or better is received for the course. This credit will be transferrable to other technical programs in the Northeast Higher Education District. Topics include Basic Number Operations and Practical Trade Applications including Measurement, Ratios and Proportions, Algebra and Geometry, Area and Volume, Right Angle Trigonometry, Statistics and Variation.

Postsecondary Partner:

Itasca Community College

High School Partners:

Floodwood, Greenway, Nashwauk-Keewatin, Northland-Remer, Deer River, Hill City, Grand Rapids.

Student Eligibility:

Teacher recommendation.  Student agreement formed signed by student, parent/guardian, and principal.

Faculty Credentialing and/or Teacher Licensure Requirements which support this program:

Itasca Community College math faculty. High school math teacher.

Type of Program:

Concurrent Enrollment 

Grade Level(s) Served:


Postsecondary Contact:

Janeen Kleffman | (218) 322-2387

High School Contact:

Vangie Mattfield | (218) 244-3057

Program Components:

•   Postsecondary credits can be earned through this program
•   Classes taught by high school teachers
•   Instruction takes place in the high school
•   Course monitored by college faculty

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