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Are you a high school student who is interested in learning more about dual credit courses and how to enroll?

Are you looking for study tips and where you can get support along your journey to college and career? This page has several tools for student to succeed and stay motivated throughout high school!

Find out what to do each year of high school to stay on track to graduate and attend college. Check out some resources for test-taking strategies and preparation. Or, take a few minutes to try some real questions from past AP exams!

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Shaping Your Future: Why Minnesota Families Choose College

Hear from different college students on how you can seek out help and support during high school and college. There are many programs and staff available that offer assistance. Watch individual videos below, or access the entire Shaping Your Future video collection.

Shaping Your Future videos were produced by Twin Cities Public Television and presented by the Minnesota Department of Education.

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Exam Calendars

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CLEP Exams

Get Inspired and Stay Motivated

How to Succeed in School

Review these tips to help you make the grade in high school.

You Can Go!

This website is full of motivational videos from students who thought they couldn't go to college for various reasons. Listen to their stories and find lots of useful information and links to help you reach your college and career goals.

Get Schooled

This is a super fun website from MTV and the College Board to help you connect with peers and challenge each other. Sign up for a free account to access games, videos, articles and quizzes.

10 Most Common Senior Year Mistakes

Keep your eyes on the prize and make your senior year count! Now isn't the time to tune out.

Improve your Study Habits & Test Prep

Reducing Test Anxiety

Twenty things you can do to reduce test anxiety . . . plus several other great tips for preparing for tests.

Study Skills for Students

This website has guides, suggestions and tips for improving study skills - for any type of student, and in several subjects.

ACT Test

Check out this complete and FREE ACT Test preparation program - from full-length practice tests and answer key to focused tutorials and smart test taking strategies.

AP Exams

See what AP tests are like! Choose from the following subjects to test your knowledge (5 sample questions per quiz):

For full length tests and study tips, visit The College Board website.

Access Support

Tutoring and Homework Help

Sophia for Students

Get help with your homework. Choose from over 37,000 free tutorials to help you learn concepts, refresh knowledge and refine your academic skills. These tutorials use videos and real-world scenarios to make the materials engaging to students.

Khan Academy

What do you want to learn? Khan Academy has a huge library of content in almost every subject area. Use their tutorials to brush up on knowledge, learn new things or practice what you know with help along the way.

Tutor Match

Tutor Match helps students connect with qualified tutors nationwide. Tutors specify in their profile what kind of services they provide.

College and Career Guidance

EdReady: Personalized Math Help

Use EdReady to check your readiness for college math. If you're thinking about what's next for college and career, EdReady will provide you with a personalized study path.

College Access Programs

College access programs give students the hands-on support they often can’t get from overburdened counselors and teachers. This program directory let’s you know about college access programs near you.

I'm First!

An online community celebrating first-generation college students and supporting those who will be. Create an account to access the blog, post questions to the forum, and receive personal notifications with tips, to do's and reminder to keep you on track.

Make Your Summers Count

5 Ways to Stay on Track in Summer

Here are some suggestion for ways to make your summers worthwhile.

How to Find a Great Summer Job

Summer is a great time to earn money for college. But a summer job can also provide you with an opportunity to gain new skills or discover your future career. Try these tips to find a job that suits you. Search Rock Your Block to find neighborhood jobs, part-time work, and internship opportunities in your community.

Summer Learning Programs: What, Why and How

Summer is a great time to enroll in learning programs to explore your interests or develop new skills. Two great places to look for summer programs that match your interests are the 2014 Academic Enrichment Guide (pdf) and theMinnesota Institute for Talented Youth (MITY). There are scholarships available for eligible summer academic programs from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

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