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Are you a high school student who is interested in learning more about dual credit courses and how to enroll?

This is the place to learn how to get a jump start on college by enrolling in challenging courses!  Find out how dual credit courses can earn you college credit while you’re still in high school.  Watch some motivating college student videos, take a self-assessment and start planning now for your career or college education.

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Shaping Your Future: Why Minnesota Families Choose College

Listen to actual advice from real Minnesota college students! They share their personal stories and what they wish they would've known in high school to prepare them for college or career. Hear some individual student stories below, or access the entire Shaping Your Future video collection.

Shaping Your Future videos were produced by Twin Cities Public Television and presented by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Dual Credit Myths

Dispel your doubts. Learn the facts.


    You have to be a straight A student to take dual credit courses.


    Many high schools and colleges do require students to have a minimum standing to participate, but your grades don't have to be perfect. While this may not sound fair, keep in mind that they want you to succeed. If you're having trouble with your regular classes, you may not be ready for ones at the college-level. Check with your school counselor to find out if you are eligible.


    Find Out about Yourself

    Learning Preferences Assessment

    If you know how you learn, you make the most of your learning potential. Take this 2 minute adventure to figure out how you learn best.

    Interest Inventory

    Imagine yourself in 10 years. What are you doing? What is your life like? If you're going to achieve your dreams, you will need to gain certain knowledge, experience and skills. Find out what you like to do and what some of your interests are.

    Learn about Dual Credit Options

    An Introduction to Earning College Credit in High School

    Learn the ins and outs of earning college while your still in high school.

    How to Earn College Credit in High School

    Discover the many ways you can earn college credit while in high school.

    Saving Money with Dual Credit

    This video, from the Texas Education Agency, provides a great introduction to how enrolling in dual credit courses in high school can save you time and money.

    Dual Credit Comparison Chart (pdf)

    Download this chart to see how the programs compare at-a-glance. 

    Center for School Change

    Visit this website to learn about dual credit programs in Minnesota - and to watch testimonial videos from students in dual credit programs across the state. For example, Antonia, a student at an alternative high school for pregnant and parenting mothers, shares her positive experience about earning free college credit in high school:

    Make a Plan

    Career Exploration

    Career Activities

    On this website, there are several interactive quizzes and short questionnaires you can complete in order to explore careers that match your interests and skills.

    Reality Check Tool

    Find out if you can achieve the lifestyle you want with the career you like.

    Show Me the Future

    Play a fun AND educational game about making it in the "real" world! See how far your "income" will go based on the choices you make.

    Career and Cluster Videos

    Watch career videos to find out about particular occupations or the 16 career clusters recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

    My Next Move

    This is a great tool for anyone to start or continue their career search.

    MN Programs of Study

    A Program of Study is an academic and career plan developed by your school to help move you towards a college and career path. Use this website to learn what combination of classes and activities will help you prepare for your future.

    Postsecondary Preparation

    There are many tools to use during the college planning process. Answer 5 simple questions and get a free step-by-step road map to college. Or, use the following planning checklists to see what you can do each year to stay on track for graduation and beyond:

    Overview: Middle School through 12th Grade
    9th Grade (pdf)
    10th Grade (pdf)
    11th Grade (pdf)
    12th Grade (pdf)

    Postsecondary Education Options in Minnesota

    From urban to rural, big to small, public to private, Minnesota's postsecondary schools offer you a variety of choices after high school. Visit this website for an overview of the types of colleges that Minnesota has to offer.

    KnowHow2Go College Quiz

    This website has all the tools you need to plan for high school and college, by grade level. Test your knowledge by taking the college prep quiz. It's fun and interactive.

    Within My Reach Workbook (pdf)

    This workbook, from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, helps you explore your interests and talents, relate those to possible careers options and discover how to use high school to achieve your college dreams.

    Academic Preparation

    You will be more prepared for college and career if you enroll in more challenging courses.

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