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Are you looking for information on college and career readiness and building a college-ready culture at your school?

Are you teaching an AP course? Find lesson plans, syllabi, and practice tests to help make your class a success! Utilize this list of engaging tools to support and motivate your students to prepare and plan for their future. Coordinating programs at your school? We have resources for you too!

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Shaping Your Future: Why Minnesota Families Choose College

This collection of high-quality and accessible videos can be used by any school or organization to engage and motivate students and families to stay in school, access support in their communities and pursue higher education. Some of the videos are available in Hmong, Somali or Spanish. Access the entire Shaping Your Future video collection.

Shaping Your Future videos were produced by Twin Cities Public Television and presented by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Dual Enrollment Programs


There are multiple ways students can work towards earning college credit while in high school. Download the MN Dual Credit Options Grid for a brief overview of the programs available in Minnesota. For more detailed information on each program, click on the tabs at the bottom of this page.

Dual Enrollment Programs


Costs, Quality on Radar as Dual Enrollment Rises: As dual-enrollment programs surge in popularity, policymakers and advocates are wrestling with how to pay the costs and promote access for all high school students who are eligible to earn college credit, especially low-income and minority populations.

Dual Enrollment: Challenges in Rural Areas: This report discusses the specific challenges rural areas face in providing high-quality dual enrollment programs, and how certain states are addressing them.

Resources for Coordinators & Teachers


AP Lesson Plans Library (coming soon)

The Minnesota Department of Education provides information on state funding for AP teacher training and student exams.

Explore College Board resources that help coordinators manage the receipt, distribution, administration and return of AP exam materials. In addition, they provide resources to share with your students about test preparation.


The IB Career-related Certificate program will pair academic rigor and international focus with technical training.

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